Thursday, January 29, 2009

Introducing - Communications Director

Hi -

My name is Mark Helfen, and I’m the new communications director for the SDForum Marketing SIG (which mostly means managing this blog) so I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.

My objective is to make this blog as useful as possible to members of the SIG, and I encourage discussions of topics related (even distantly) to technology marketing. We’re going through tough economic times, and frequently a community of people generate the best ideas.

The initial postings have been summaries of meetings for those people who may have missed them. But I would also like to encourage everyone, whether you were at the meeting or not, to comment on the topic and the speakers ideas.

If you have something you would like to get posted, please email me and I will post it on your behalf. I’m also willing to consider making you a guest blogger for a week – just let me know, and keep your postings on-topic.

Any other ideas?? Please email me, I would be happy to consider them.

The blog software is set up to require registration before you can post comments to reply to postings (only the forum administrators – like me – can generate original postings.) Anyone with a Google mail account is already registered.
OpenID is also accepted (

There is a place at the top right to set up your RSS reader to follow changes as they happen, and to be a “follower” in blogspot terminology.

As for me: I am a specialist is researching, analyzing, writing, and consulting about technology markets and marketing. I have experience as a product marketing manager, marketing director, and print journalist.

You can see more about me at

You can reach me at mhelfen -at- wordpixel (dot) com (sorry for the anti-spam address).