Monday, September 7, 2009

Pre-Networking Preparation

Leslie Butlar
"Public Relations Director"
SDForum Marketing SIG

September 14th's SDForum Marketing SIG is approaching quickly and I'm reaching out with encouragement for our first time guests, and suggestions for returning members, on how to get the most from your time at our events.

What might I do in Pre-Networking Preparation which would benefit might attendance for the upcoming meeting?

Networking Preparation 101!

There are some critical points you need to
consider prior to attending a networking event.
Then, before walking into the room, go through your checklist:

  • If this is your first visit, did you research this group?
  • Is this an event at which you'll find your target market?
  • Do you know the names of the board members so you can meet them first?
  • Are you wearing your million dollar suit?
  • Do you have the perfect haircut for the shape of your face?
  • Do you have the best make-up strategies in place?
  • Have you packed your business cards? (Make sure they don't look like they went through the wash)
  • Are you carrying your cards in a nice container?
  • Do you have a pen that works?
  • How is your overall hygiene?
  • Are you setting your intention prior to entering the room?
  • Have you left drama at the door?
  • Are you going in with your heart instead of your head?

If you are prepared for any event, you will
have a maximum return on your investments. It is
a good idea to make a list and be prepared.

You want to make sure that all these questions
are answered so that you have a GREAT experience
and your networking dollars are not being
wasted. You only have one chance to make that
"first" impression. Make sure it's a good one!

At each Event there is an "opportunity to
connect" when you share the space with another person.

Tips borrowed from Kathleen Ronald's Speaktacular Connection Newsletter - September 2009

Article Submitted by Leslie Butlar
"Public Relations Director"
SDForum Marketing SIG
Committee Member

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