Thursday, April 7, 2011

Have your head in the cloud? Hear expert insights on marketing Cloud Computing at the SDForum Marketing SIG

By Mark Helfen

Which part of the cloud market is growing the fastest?

Does cloud computing make it easier to launch a new product?

Clouds computing, along with mobile applications, are two of the top technologies getting both media and industry attention. Both are new concepts, not fully defined. Both seem disruptive, changing the competitive landscape. If you are responsible for developing or implementing marketing programs, the disruption offers both advantages and challenges.

If you manage the marketing of technology products, how do cloud products change your world - whether marketing cloud services, or products based on cloud architecture? If your product serves end users, or the most critical IT application, how should your marketing program respond? Does cloud technology make your job easier, harder, or just impossible?

At Mondays (4/11) MarktetingSIG meeting, a panel of experts moderated by EMC's Sheryl Chamberlain will discuss the cloud computing market, starting with the two questions above. A rare opportunity to get answers from a group with their heads deep in the clouds, in the most positive sense.

Included on our panel will be:

Bernard Golden is CEO of HyperStatus, a Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Consultancy, working with clients in the US and throughout the world. He is the Cloud Computing Advisor for CIO magazine, where he writes a widely read blog. Golden is the author of Virtualization for Dummies, and is co-author of Creating the Infrastructure Cloud Computing.

Mathew Lodge is Senior Director of Cloud Product Marketing at VMware. He is responsible for go-to market of vCloud services with VMware's service provider partners. His background includes work at Schlumberger/Omnes, Cisco, and Symantec.

John Morley is Director of EMC's West Coast Executive Briefing Center. In this role, he leads briefings and workshops with several hundred companies each year, including discussions of best practice cloud models.  Before EMC he was Business Program Manager for the Enterprise Product Group at Dell in Europe.

Chenxi Wang, PhD is Vice President and Principal Analyst for Security and Risk at Forrester Research. She is an expert on content security, application security, and vulnerability management. Wang leads Forrester's research program in application and Web 2.0 security, covering topics like best practices for content application and security, emerging threats, and operational aspects of security deployment.

Sheryl Chamberlain, EMC's Senior Director for Technology Alliances will moderate the panel. She is a 10 year EMC veteran, responsible for aligning EMC's corporate strategy with VMware and adjacent partners. Her focus includes programs to accelerate the customers journey to the private cloud.

She will get things started with some initial questions for the panel. But if your favorite question isn't covered, ask your own and get an expert opinion on the cloud market.

So come to Monday's MarketingSIG, and get your head in the clouds.

If you plan on coming, please sign up at our  Meetup page.


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