Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Upcoming event - OCTOBER 13 - Marketing and License Management

I know many of you already received an email with the upcoming event and I am sure everyone is extremely excited about it so just to spice things up we decided to give you a little preview of what is going to be in the presentation. This way you can come with the right questions and get the most out of every moment.
Dominic Haigh who is the VP of Agilis Software ( is going to be presenting the topic. Some of the issues that he is going to touch on (this list is by no means comprehensive)
- Why should we use license management.
- Where does license management fit into the company and how can your marketing team take advantage of this technology.
- Go a little bit into how license management works.
- And few others

For those who are still wondering about the logistics: The event is going to take place at our usual place on our usual time (

Hope to see everyone there!

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