Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Marketing Yourself in a Tough Market

Meeting preview
By: Mark Helfen

Our meeting next Monday (2/9) is on the topic:

Marketing Yourself in a Tough Market

Speakers are

Sue Connelly
Connelly Communications, Inc.
Founder of the KIT List


Gretchen Sand
Senior Partner and Co-founder
Skyline Recruiting Corporation

You can read the full details of their backgrounds, along with the meeting announcement here:
( )

I spoke to Sue Connelly briefly and asked her what people would learn by attending.

"We both want to share our life experiences" in the job market, said Connelly. She had tips and techniques to share, not only for a normal economy, but also for these "historic times."

The objective is not only find work, but to find a job you really enjoy, for which you are fairly compensated.

She said that the real issue is "people helping each other." While there are tools to aid this, the "person to person personal touch" is what is key.

People will leave the meeting with some practical steps.

"There are some commonsense things that people actually don't do. And some common mistakes that cause you to shoot yourself in the foot," she said.

If you aren't getting called back, aren't getting follow-ups and return phone calls, her advice can help you analyze why.

Connelly promises that you will leave the meeting with some practical steps that you can take the next day.

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I saw an advance preview of part of the presentation, which included a bullet point "Dinosaurs CAN fly." This I got to see.....


Mark Helfen is a Marketing Consultant and Freelance Writer. He can be reached at


Captain Allen said...

Mark, I am planning to attend this meeting. I've read a few things about Sue's history and she seems like a remarkable woman. I look forward to the presentation. —Allen

gopal said...

This was a great presentation. Could you please fwd the link with the presentation slides? That would be a big help.

Thanks for putting this together!

Mark Helfen said...

Could you please fwd the link with the presentation slides?
This will show up on the SDForum web site:>resources>SDforum Archives>Marketing.

My guess in the next day or so.