Monday, March 4, 2013

The New A-B-Cs

By Mark Lewis

In sales lingo A-B-C means, “Always Be Closing”.  For those not in sales, the new A-B-Cs should stand for “Always Be Connecting”.  I am always surprised by the unexpected things that come from connecting with people.  And I hear so many people say, “…you never know…”.  That is more true today than in the past, you never know where your next lead, deal, opportunity, etc will come from. 

The challenge that so many people have is that they know they should be doing a better job with networking and connecting with people – with existing contacts as well as making new ones.  They don’t however make it a regular practice until they need something.  I won’t say that then “it’s too late” because people are generally helpful especially if they have been a close contact in the past but it is certainly easier on everyone if it is a contact that has been nurtured in some way.  Email and even social media are all fine ways to keep in touch with someone and at least stay on each other’s radar.  Phone and in-person are by far better.

The old adage is partially true, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.  Certainly you still have to know something but it is definitely true that who you know is important.

Get out there and re-connect with people that are in your network then branch out to connecting with new people – wherever you are remember the A-B-Cs; Always Be Connecting.


Mark Lewis is a marketing executive with hands-on experience across the marketing mix.  He can be found at and he is always interested in connecting with new people.


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