Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Would YOU hire you? and a FREE resume analysis

On May 11, Denise Denise Pringle, has agreed to come and speak on the subject of "Would you hire you?"

Ever wonder what those recruiters and hiring managers think of your resume when they see it lying on their desk? Can you imagine what a person who has seen hundreds if not thousands applicants thinks? How do they dissect the resume?

Denise Pringle will use her expertise to help people who want to gain fresh insights into their resumes and interviewing skills.

And... a special offer...

If you would like to have your resume analyzed, mail a copy in to the sig - to
MarketingSIG (at) sdforum.org. Ten resumes will be randomly chosen for an analysis at the meeting. And don't worry - you can remove your name, or we will do it for you - you will be the only one who knows its really you...

Denise Pringle has extensive experience in both domestic and international human resources. She has held executive HR positions in high technology and medical device industries. She has worked on transition teams for mergers and outsourcing and has had responsibility for training, organizational development, staffing and university relations. Denise received her Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences with a concentration in History from San Jose State University. She has been the principal for Pringle Consulting, an HR firm providing HR services and training and has held an adjunct faculty position at San Jose State University's Professional Development Center

The meeting will at the regular time, at the regular place...details here

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